Entertaining is just such fun.  So what started as a mission to create a memorable dinner for a group of friends has blossomed into this.  


How many times have you watched your favorite movie or Television production and thought, "hmmmm I would love to have a dinner like that?"  Well now you can. We offer up to you the opportunity to recreate almost any time period for your dining experience.  

Currently we are able to provide dining from 1400 to 1940.   Medieval, Rennaissance, Baroque, Colonial, Victorian, Edwardian, The Roaring 20's.   We specialize in earlier periods pre 1900.


If your dream isn't in any of these then just send an email, and we will see if it is possible to arrange.

Dinners only need one month pre-planning.  Dinners with "servants" need additional time, which is on a case by case basis to be determined.


For the moment we will only travel 50 miles from our base location in The Colony, Texas.